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Toalson Hybrid Series x 2pcs

Toalson Hybrid Series x 2pcs

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Toalson Hybrid series badminton rackets are specially designed for advanced social players. These players are usually involved in fast rallies and require a high level of precision.  Toalson Hybrid Series High Modulus graphite rackets are designed with those two features in mind. In addition, the Toalson Hybrid rackets also come with Aero frames and are made of durable, high-modulus graphite.

Toalson Hybrid Specs :

Weight: 84 +/-2g (4U)
Flex: Medium
Balance Point: Even
Max Tension: 30lbs
Shaft Material: 24T High Modulus Graphite
Frame Material:  30T High Modulus Graphite
Frame Type: Box
Frame Size: 56sq/inch
String Pattern: 22 x 23
Shaft Diameter: 7.0 (Slim Shaft)
Construction: 2-piece
Length: 675mm
Target Players: Advanced social players and semi-professionals


 Benefits of the Racket:

30T High Modulus Graphite

The frame is enhanced with 30T high-quality graphite that improves the strength and durability of the racket. It makes the racket more rigid and stronger
Aero-shape surface reduces air resistance and increases swing speed. It enables the players to attack aggressively and defend quickly. It is useful in fast rallies. Together with the slim shaft, it significantly makes the Toalson Hybrid a standout performer in terms of speed.

7.0mm Slim

A 7.0mm shaft produces stable handling and a medium feel. It also has less wind resistance than its thicker counterpart, and hence allows you to reach the shuttlecock considerably faster 



- Toalson string made in Japan x 2pcs
(We will string it at 26lbs. If you prefer a different tension, please message us) 

Toalson overgrip made in Japan x 2pcs
(We will not install the grip, unless you ask us to)


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