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Appeton Wellness 60+ Diabetic 900g (for Diabetics & Pre-diabetics Senior)

Appeton Wellness 60+ Diabetic 900g (for Diabetics & Pre-diabetics Senior)

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Appeton Wellness 60+ Diabetic is the first and only complete, balanced nutritional food, specially formulated for seniors 60+ with either diabetes, pre-diabetes or hyperglycermia. It has a unique Energy Complex to suit seniors physiological needs arising from changes in their gastrointestinal function and metabolism rate. It is formulated with slow release protein, which is suitable for elderly and individuals who are gluten and lactose intolerant.


Main Benefits:
1) It is a type of nutritional food for seniors that will not cause a sugar or protein spike.
2) High Quality Protein for rebuilding of essential cells and body tissues
3) Low Glycemic Index (Suitable for Diabetics and Pre-diabetics). It ensures a stable supply of blood glucose in the body, preventing sudden surge of blood glucose
4) Provide sufficient amount of energy and prevent malnutrition for the elderly.
5) Cholesterol free, lactose free and gluten free.

Direction for Use:

 Use 5 levelled scoops of Appeton Wellness 60+ Diabetic (53.2g) and add warm water of 200ml to prepare a 240ml drink (iml=1kCal). Use the scoop provided in the can.

  • As dietary supplement (oral use):
    Take  2-3 servings per day..
  • As meal replacement (oral use):
    Up to 8 glasses per day or according to instruction of a doctor or dietitian.
  • As meal replacement (tube feeding):
    According to instructions of a doctor or dietitian
Maltodextrin, Seed Oil, Maltitol, Sodium Caseinate, Soy Protein Isolate, Inulin (Dietary Fiber), Minerals (Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Calcium Carbonate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Carbonate, Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Chromium Picolinate, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Selenite, Ammonium Heptamolybdate), EPA and DHA (extract oil from marine life), Pea Fiber, Permitted Flavouring (Vanilla flavour), Choline Bitatrate, Vitamins (Sodium Ascorbate, DI-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Vitamin A Acetate, Kolekalciferol, Niacinamide, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, D-Biotin, Phytonadione, Cyanocobalamin, β-Carotene, Soy Lecithin, L-Carnitine, Inositol and Taurine.