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Apacs Pro Commander
Apacs Pro Commander
Apacs Pro Commander
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Apacs Pro Commander

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- Apacs' top range of professional series racket, the Pro Commander was formerly used by Shin Baek Cheol, who was once a Men's Doubles World Champion. This racket features the famous Aero Box frame, which is a fantastic combination of speed and power. It also incorporates the FRP material which strengthens and reinforces the frame.


Weight: 84g+/-2g 
U Specification: 4U G2 
Flex: 8.5 (Medium)
Balance: 293+/-3mm (Slightly Head Heavy)
Max Tension: 38lbs
Shaft Material:  Japan Graphite 
Frame Material: Japan Graphite  
Frame Type: Aero Box
Grommet System: 76 Holes
Shaft Diameter: 6.8mm
Length: 676mm
Made in Taiwan

Benefits of the Racket:

Japan Graphite 

Japan Graphite is well-known to be of high quality. When incorporated into a racket, it strengthens and reinforces the racket, up to the point that the racket possesses a durability rate of 38lbs tension.
Slim Shaft With all other things being equal,  a slim shaft enhances the speed of the racket. It enables you to maneuver your racket easier; either in defence or attack
Aero Box Aero Box frame allows you to enjoy the best of both world with the same racket; speed and power. Aero profile reduces air resistance for greater speed while Semi box profile maximizes frame stability and minimizes racket torsion.


-Apacs High-end String 
(We will string it at 24lbs. If you prefer a different tension, please email us)

-Apacs Super PU Grip 
(We will not wrap it, unless instructed otherwise)