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Apacs Lethal 66 Offensive

Apacs Lethal 66 Offensive

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Apacs Lethal 66 strings are engineered to be thinner with braided high quality multifilament. more resilient and tougher than many racket strings manufactured today. It utilizes the latest "Dipping Process" technology to deliver the added advantage. It has superior repulsion and hi-hitting sound that deliver sensitive control without the loss of "Solid Kill."  

Length: 10m
Gauge: 0.67mm
Dipping Process: Micro Multifilament Centre Coil
Construction: Braided 50 degree High Quality Multifilament
Recommended for both professionals and amateurs
Advantages: Longer tension life, high repulsion power, hi-hitting sound, longer durability
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Repulsion Power          /    
Hitting Sound             /
Tension Life           /  
Control & Feel             /
Durability           /  


- Price includes stringing service

- We will cut the strings from a roll; therefore, it will not be in the individual packaging as shown in the picture