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Abbott Pediasure Optiheight 850g Increase Height

Abbott Pediasure Optiheight Increase Height 10-15 Yrs Old 850G Vanilla FREE Shipping

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Formulated with Triple Growth System and 38 key nutrients, PediaSure Complete formula provides complete nutrition for children aged 10-15 years old to help catch up on growth, especially for picky eaters. It is designed to provide total nutrition support to improve children's irregular eating habits. When taken consistently, PediaSure has been proven to increase children's height and weight, as well as reduce sick days.

Main Ingredients:
1) Arginine - Triggers the release of growth factors
2) Natural Vitamin K - Promotes calcium transfer into bones
3) Triple Growth System and 38 Key Nutrients - Supports longer and stronger bone growth 

Main Benefits:
- Improvement in weight and height
- Better appetite
- Sustained proportional growth
- Fewer sick days