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Latest Squash Racket News

Here at sportshorizon.com, we attempt to bring you the latest news in the squash market, starting with Malaysia, as it is one of the key players in the squash world. We will update you with news about product launches from the major squash brands as well as any major development in the squash market. This site is not about players' news, but rather product news; be it rackets, bags, string or grips.


Of course, what better way to start off this section by celebrating the fact that squash will finally be an Olympic sports, starting with LA28. There will be two gold medals at stake, the men and women individual event.



- Head have just appointed a new distributor for Malaysia. The company is called Racket Sports. They will be carrying the products for 4 sports category; namely tennis, squash, padel and pickleball. There will be no badminton racket at the moment. This is a new company, so expect things to take shape gradually. As far as we know, as of October 2023, their products are not in the market yet. It will probably take them a few more weeks or even months to settle down and slowly penetrate the markets with Head merchandise.



- Both the men and women singles winners in the recent Asian Games in Hangzhou are using Dunlop rackets. Eain Yow uses the Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation 135 while Sivasangari plays with Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation 125. 



- Prince squash products are gradually making a comeback in the Malaysian market. Their flagship model, the Prince Air Stick 130 is available for sale in our store. Prince are no longer sponsoring any top squash players, so expect the prices of their merchandise to be more competitive now. Without the burden of marketing fees, their products have become more affordable without sacrificing their qualities. Their top range products are sold at about 20-30% lower than those from Tecnifibre and Dunlop.


* Disclaimer:  We attempt to provide news that are as truthful as possible. However, due to the nature of certain news which are premature, volatile and may change suddenly, we are unable to guarantee 100% accuracy in our reporting and shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of this site.