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Coaching, Training and Sparring Programs for Squash and Tennis

We, at, strive to promote sports in the community by acting as an intermediary between coaches and players looking for coaching lessons in squash and tennis. In addition, we also cater to overseas players looking for sparring partners or coaches while on vacation or training in Malaysia.

We do not charge fees for our service. It is just a value-added service that we provide to the community. We have affiliations with coaches of all levels: beginner to professional. The lessons can be individual or group. You can form your own group or you can join the existing training groups. 


Types of Programs:

1) Training lessons
- This is a simple coach-student training program. The lesson can be either short-term and long-term. For kids, the training programs will equip them to play at competition-levels. Most of them will end up representing their schools or states

2) Ad-Hoc Training or Sparring Session
- Some people might want to get back into the sports after a long period of absence. Their skills could be a bit rusty and just need a few lessons to regain their sharpness. We know coaches who cater specifically to these types of players

3) Training or Sparring Program for Overseas Visitors
- They are also those who come to Malaysia for travel but don't want to miss their sports. They want to look for sparring partners or coaches who can fine tune their games. Well, we have just the right network of coaches and professional players who seek such opportunities to earn extra income.


How It Works:
Step 1: Contact us via email or whatsapp. 

Step 2: Let us know your preferred location, training level and training time

Step 3: We will connect you to coaches who meet your requirement. We will ask the coach or coaches to contact you back

Step 4: We will leave further discussions of the training lessons to you and the coach. We will not get involved

Step 5: Let us know if you are not satisfied with the coach. We will help you deal with the problems, or connect you to another coach.