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Squash Blog

  • Harrow Vapor Ultralite - Best Squash Racket in the Market? - Or Perhaps Not

    One of the best Harrow squash rackets to ever grace the court, the Vapor Ultralite is clearing losing its shine, but why?
  • Best Squash Rackets in 2024

    Find out what are the most popular squash rackets for 2024. This includes both new and existing models; anything that is available for purchase in 2024
  • The Dominant Brands in Squash - An Impending Shift?

    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world of squash in terms of consumer purchase patterns. New purchasing behaviour has emerged. Find out more in this article.
  • Squash in Olympics LA 2028 - Will It Really Make a Difference for the Sports?

    Squash will FINALLY be in the 2028 LA Olympics! To many sports fans in the world, this will probably just be another piece of news for their daily ...