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How To Choose A Badminton Racket Frame

Customers these days are spoilt for choices, with so many types of badminton frames available out there. However, this luxury of selections also brings with it a lot of confusion and indecision among badminton players. Therefore, to ease consumer decision-making, below is a list of popular frame types and their benefits

Aero Slim - An aerodynamic frame reduces air resistance and improves swing speed. This narrow and longer frame also produces more power

Compact Slim - Involves a smaller frame size. The string gap is also closer; this prevents the strings from moving easily. It also offers better agility

High Speed - As the name suggests, this type of frame shortens the contact timing between the racket and shuttlecock. In other words, you can hit the shuttlecock earlier

Aero Wide - This frame also offers low air resistance and improves your swing speed. In addition, the wider frame increases your smashing power

Slim Box - A box-shaped surface yields a solid feel and maximizes frame stability. This results in minimal racket torsion and maximum shot accuracy

Aero Box - One of the most common frame, it combines the benefits of both aerodynamic and box feature. In other words, you combine power, stability, speed and control

Power Muscle - Power muscles hold the string firmly to reduce stress-load. This prolongs string life and generates a stiffer feeling when hitting the shuttlecock. 

High Speed Muscle - Also produces low wind resistance and increases the speed of your game. Muscles hold string firmly and reduces the rate of string tension loss.

Armor Power - Generates a solid feel and strengthen the frame; which in turn lead to an increase in its attacking power



With the list of frame types settled, where do we proceed from here? How do we decide which frame type is suitable for us then?

Well, there is no clear cut answer. It all depends on your need and requirement; it can be based on your weakness or it can also draw on your strength. The main point is; what do you need from the racket? How do you want the racket to help you? Generally, players look for the below criteria when purchasing a racket

Badminton Racket Frame for Speed - If speed is what you are looking for, then look for a frame with low air resistance. In other words, higher swing speed. Such frames will be Aero Slim, Compact Slim and High Speed frame

Badminton Racket Frame for Power - If strength of the shot is what you are looking for, then the suitable frames are Armor Power, Power Muscle and Aero Box

Badminton Racket Frame for Control - For those seasoned players looking for good control, or in other words, high accuracy of shots, then they should be aiming for frames such as Slim Box and Aero Box

Finally, do be reminded that frame type is only one factor that determines the speed, power and control of your games. There are several other factors that play important roles too; such as the racket's weight, shaft flexibility, balancing, strings used as well as string tension. Hence, even though frame type is important, other factors needed to be considered as well