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Apacs Racket - New Apacs Badminton Rackets

Considering the fact that Apacs have a wide range of badminton rackets, mainly due to the continuation of previous launches, we feel that a lof of Apacs fans and neutrals alike, would want to know which models are new. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to the announcement of new Apacs badminton rackets and will be updated as new product launches take place.

As of end of 1st Quarter 2024, there are a few new Apacs models in the market. Here, we summarize some of these rackets. Do be informed that some models might be new in certain markets but not in others.



1) Apacs X-Tech Lite
- Apacs X-Tech Lite is a mid entry-level graphite racket made for social players who desire speed in their games. The racket is very light at 77g but its frame is stabilized by its High Speed Box frame. The frame has low wind resistance and coupled with its Extra Slim Shaft, the racket sails through the wind with ease. It is also slightly head heavy, which gives this light racket a bit more momentum. Finally, its shaft is very flexible, so is easy on your hands

2) Apacs X-Tech Even
- As you would have guessed by now, the Apacs X-Tech Even is in the same range as the X-Tech Lite. However, there are 3 main differences. First, X-Tech Even is heavier by 7g, at 84g versus 77g for X-Tech Lite. Second, X-Tech Even has an even balance. It is neither head light nor head heavy. Third, it is slightly stiffer than the X-Tech Lite, but is still considered a flexible racket. Other than those, the two rackets are similar in terms of construction, frame design and shaft diameter

3) Apacs X-Tech Power
- The final racket in the X-Tech series is the Apacs X-Tech Power. X-Tech Power is more similar to X-Tech Even than X-Tech Lite. X-Tech Power also weighs in at 84g, just like X-Tech Lite. Nevertheless, it has a head heavy balance and its shaft is also slightly stiffer than X-Tech Even. Besides the one mentioned above, the rest of the specs are quite similar. Apacs X-Tech Power is suitable for players seeking more power in their rackets.