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Apacs Badminton Rackets VS Yonex Badminton Rackets

This is probably a topic that most writers will want to avoid. However, i think it is a question in the mind of many social badminton players. In fact, it is not just Apacs vs Yonex. It is more like Apacs, Felet, Babolat and Toalson badminton rackets VS Yonex, Li-Ning and Victor badminton rackets. So, essentially, the question is, should i spend the extra money to buy the top-tier brands, or is it wiser to settle with the second-tier brands? 

Many customers have been saying to another ," Buy Yonex badminton rackets. They are a safer choice. Its quality is better. It's worth the extra money." However, there have also been whispers of " There's no need to waste money. Just get an Apacs badminton racket. It is cheap and good. " 

So, who is right? The Yonex fanatics? Or, the Apacs faithfuls? Well, let's not get into a fist fight. We shall discuss this matter logically and openly. We will look at it from the angle of different product features that customers are looking for

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Which is Better? Apacs or Yonex?

Weight of the Racket - If you are looking for a very light-weight badminton racket, i will definitely clap for Apacs. They are well-known for producing a wide range of rackets above 4U. They have Apacs Commander 60, Apacs Imperial Aggressive and Apacs Versus 70, which are all 5U (around 81g) rackets. Then, they have the 6U ones (roughly 78g), namely the Apacs Nano Fusion Speed 722 and Apacs Virtuoso Light. After that, they have the 7U Apacs Feather Weight 200. Finally, they also have what they claim to be the world's lightest racket at 58g, the Feather Weight 55. Light rackets are good in the sense that they are easy to maneuver and therefore, is suitable for fast play. If you are the guy guarding the front court in a doubles games, you will probably fancy a light racket to attack or even defend quickly, so that your partner behind you can breathe a little bit easier while your opponents are struggling for breath. 

On the other hand, if you are an advanced player looking for a heavier racket (around 3U) for good control and offensive power, Yonex have a wide array of selections in this regard. They have the Duora 10, Astrox 100ZZ and Astrox 88D Pro, among many others. Sure, Apacs also have their own Slayer 88, Fantala Pro 101, Assailant Pro and Pro Commander. However, Yonex are definitely the master in this category of weight.

Power, Control and Speed -  Both Apacs and Yonex have their own rackets that are catered for each of the 3 characteristics: power, speed and control. Therefore, you need to know their range of rackets well before you can pick one that will meet your need. However, we did mention earlier that Apacs have a wider selection of very light-weight rackets while Yonex have a better collection of heavier rackets. Therefore, if you are looking for a very light racket to give you lightning fast speed and easy handling, you can consider Apacs. On the other hand, if you prefer a racket that is stiffer and yields a good control, Yonex have a richer selection in this aspect.

Cosmetics - By cosmetics, we are referring to the colour, decal and finishing on the racket. In terms of colour varieties for a particular model, Apacs really have a huge selections. For instance, the Apacs Feather Weight 55 and Apacs Nano Fusion Speed 722 alone consists of more than 15 colour options. As for decal (the patterns or wordings on the racket), Apacs and Yonex are almost evenly matched. However, for finishing, Yonex might have a slight advantage. Most Apacs critics tend to criticize the ease with which Apacs rackets tend to chip off. in other words, the "paint" seems to come off easily, especially in the entry-level rackets. There is a good reason for this. Each coat of finishing on a racket typically adds about 2g of weight to the racket. Therefore, in order to reduce the weight of rackets, some manufacturers tend to forego the last coat of finishing after the decal has been applied. On the contrary, manufacturers for premium-brand rackets usually will apply the last coat of finishing after the decal has been "sticked" onto the rackets. Therefore, you seldom hear of chip-off in premium-brand rackets. That is also the reason why many branded rackets are heavier than the second-tier ones. The crucial question now is "Does this compromise the quality of the racket?" Well, as the name suggest, this usually only concerns the cosmetics or appearance of the rackets. The quality and durability of the rackets are not compromised. 

Prestige / Branding - If you are an avid badminton player, owning a Yonex badminton racket is probably in your bucket list of things to own before you leave the earth. It is similar to youngsters craving for Apple iphones or ladies dreaming of holding Loius Vutton handbags. Therefore, if you are looking to show off your badminton "weapon" to your customers, suppliers or love interests, go ahead and grab a Yonex. However, do make sure you grab the right one. There are many imitations out there that look so much like the real things.

Stringing Tension - These days, the stringing tension of your racket seems to have become a bragging point, When you meet your friends or new badminton mates, you tend to ask "So, what tension did you string it at?" The higher your tension, the louder you will answer that question. Hence, many social players like to string between 28lbs to 30lbs, which is more suited for competitive or professional players. Surprisingly, if you look at Apacs rackets, many of them have maximum tension of 35lbs or even 38lbs written on the shaft. Is that even possible? Won't you break your arm? Well, this maximum tension is achieved in lab testing, not in actual playing situation. Even if a racket can stand that tension, the string might not be able to. Therefore, please do not tell your stringers that you want to string your rackets at just 34lbs. You will give him a heart attack. Or, he will probably just say "i will do my best." In this case, what's the point of mentioning such high tension on the rackets? Well, it is like an assurance. For instance, when your partner tells you that he or she will go to the end of the world for you, of course he or she does not mean it literally. What they want to say is, they love you very much. So, in Apacs' case, they are giving you assurance that you can go ahead and string some of their rackets as high as the competitive players' rackets. This means between 28lbs to 30lbs in most cases. What about Yonex? Well, they don't give such high promises to their customers. Even their high-end rackets mostly have maximum tension of between 26lbs to 28lbs. Therefore, for those of you who want to string your rackets at high tension, you might want to go for Apacs. Even if the racket breaks in the end, at least your heart will not be in so much pain.

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Why Should I Buy An Apacs Badminton Racket?
With all the above being laid out, many readers will then ask, why should i buy an Apacs badminton racket then? If you want a very light racket, you can go for Apacs. If you don't have a big budget but do not want to compromise on quality, you can get an Apacs. If you do not mind a racket that will not appear on tv, then Apacs is fine. If you prefer rackets that have been tested at high tension, then please look for Apacs

Why Should i Buy a Yonex Badminton Racket? 
If you are someone with a 5 figure salary, you probably won't hesitate to buy a Yonex badminton racket. The other brands might not even make it to your wishlist at all. And, probably rightly so. Yonex have been the brand leader for so many years. It is a safe choice. But, whether or not it is a good choice for you, will depend on your needs. If you are an advanced player who want control and precision that comes with a slightly heavier and stiffer rackets, Yonex have a good selection in this area. If you want a racket with a near-perfect cosmetics, then Yonex is also a wonderful choice.

 In summary, like most painstaking questions in the world, the answer will depend on whether or not the object is suitable for you. It's not so much of whether Apacs or Yonex is better. Rather, it is about which one will meet your needs more.


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 *Dislcaimer: The above is purely the opinion of the writer. The blog owner is not responsible or liable for any losses, damages, or injuries that may result from the use of the information or advice in this blog.