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Apacs Badminton Racket Price

 Over the past 20 years, Apacs have come out with many badminton rackets which they have kept selling for years down the road. Therefore, as of 2024, there is really a wide accumulation of Apacs badminton racket models in the market around the globe. Here, we have compiled a list of Apacs core models (SMUs excluded) that are available in the market, arranged based on price. As the prices of rackets vary across different markets, we will not put an absolute value on them. Instead, we just rank them from cheapest to the most expensive ones. Rackets that have similar prices are ranked the same,  We have also grouped
them into 3 categories: low, mid and high range.


1) Apacs Invander 3000/5000
Apacs Power Concept 966/922/928/933/955/977/988

2) Apacs Imperial Accurate/Power/Aggressive/Control/Speed
Apacs Commander 10/20/30/50/60/80
Apacs Versus 20/35/55/70/77
Apacs Accurate 77
Apacs Fusion 2.2

3) Apacs Foray 68
Apacs Lethal 8
Apacs Lethal 6
Apacs Nano 9900
Apacs Nano Tube 9990
Apacs Nano Power 900
Apacs Status 15
Apacs Strength 10
Apacs Stunner 18
Apacs Vanguard 11
Apacs Zig Zag Speed III

4) Apacs Dual 100
Apacs Blend Duo 88
Apacs Force 80 II

5) Apacs Blizzard 2500
Apacs Stardom 800
Apacs Attack 66
Apacs Lee Hyun IL 68/88/110/99/800
Apacs Glorious 100/200/300
Apacs Valorous 8
Apacs Valorous 9
Apacs Valorous 10
Apacs Nano Fusion Speed 722
Apacs Lethal 9
Apacs Lethal 10
Apacs Lethal 28

6) Apacs Virtuoso Light
Apacs Virtuoso 10/20/30/50/68/80/90



7) Apacs Asgardia Lite/Control
Apacs Counter Attack
Apacs N Force III
Apacs Feather Lite 75
Apacs Z Fusion
Apacs Z Series

8) Apacs Lethal Light Special
Apacs Lethal Light Power
Apacs Tantrum Light Exclusive

9) Apacs Z Woven

10) Apacs Fantala 6.0 Control/Speed

11) Apacs Virtuoso Performance

12) Apacs Duplex 63/68/72/78
Apacs Woven Aggressive/Power/Accurate/Control/Speed
Apacs Woven Gold/Ruby
Apacs Feather Weight 55
Apacs Feather Weight 65
Apacs Feather Weight 75

13) Apacs Feather Weight 100
Apacs Feather Weight 200
Apacs Feather Weight 300
Apacs Wave 10


14) Apacs Featherweight 500
Apacs Fly Weight 10
Apacs Fly Weight 73
Apacs Ferocious 22

15) Apacs Lethal 60 III
Apacs Tantrum 200 III
Apacs Slayer 95 III/ Slayer 99
Apacs Honor 200 / Honor 500 / Honor 800

16) Apacs Stardom Pro III
Apacs Blend Pro III
Apacs Power Plus 

17) Apacs Blizzard ZZ Pro
Apacs Virtuoso Pro III
Apacs Tweet 8000 III

18) Apacs Assailant Pro
Apacs Pro Commander
Apacs Thunderdome 6.2
Apacs Ziggler LHI Pro III

19) Apacs Imperial Pro
Apacs Honor Pro

20) Apacs Fantala Pro 101