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Harrow Vapor Ultralite - Best Squash Racket in the Market? - Or Perhaps Not


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If you ask social squash players who have never used a Harrow racket before, to name one, the most common answer would probably be the Vapor. It is considered a legendary racket in Harrow's history. For many years, the top Harrow-sponsored players have been using different versions of the Vapor model. From 140g, the weight has been reduced to 135g for the Vapor Ultralite.

At 135g and with a 380mm head balance, the Vapor Ultralite packs a lot of power. Players find it easy to execute various types of shots, be it a cross-court volley, a boast or a drive into the back corner; the power of the Vapor Ultralite is more than enough. In addition, with a traditional throat, it has good control as well. Adding these two factors together make the Vapor Ultralite a favorite among many competition-level and advanced players. Even social players are hooked on too.  

However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend among squash players in seeking lighter alternatives. It is pretty obvious that many players are now favoring weights of 130g, 125g or even 120g. Even racket companies realize this too. Hence, most of the new racket launches by major squash brands, involve those rackets below the weight of 130g. For instance, Tecnifibre Slash 120 and 125, Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Pro, Pro Limited and 125, as well as Harrow's own Vapor 110 and Spark 115. 

And, buyers are craving for these light-weight rackets, regardless of their skill level or age. From beginners and kids, to intermediate and advanced players, and finally competitive players, you can find at least 1 piece of light-weight rackets (below 130g) in their squash bags. And, many of them cost a bomb too. For instance, a Tecnifibre X-top costs more than USD200. On the contrary, rackets above 130g are slightly cheaper and yet not as good in terms of sales.

So, what cause this sudden change of consumer preference? For one, the game itself is changing. Players nowadays engage in more fast-paced games. They also tend to be more "impatient" and "risk-taking", preferring to kill the game earlier. Lighter rackets are definitely easier to maneuver around the court. You can switch shots and "trick" your opponents more easily with a lighter racket

Furthermore, squash is just catching up with the general trend of carrying "lighter" things. From handphones to laptops and household appliances, it is just the "in" thing to do. Everything has to be light and compact, especially among young people. It is just not "cool" to have a heavier racket. Whether or not having a lighter racket is actually better, is irrelevant anymore. 

So, what is the future of the Vapor Ultralite? It surely does not look good. Several countries have stopped selling it. In fact, Harrow itself has launched the Vapor 110 and 115. Imagine from 135g, the weight has been reduced by 20g to 25g. The most optimistic view will be that Harrow might produce it as an SMU for certain markets. After all, there are still players going after the power and control that the Vapor Ultralite offers. Regardless of the outcome, Harrow fans can still look back proudly at the contribution that Harrow Vapor Ultralite has made to the game of squash. 


Buy Harrow Vapor Ultralite at Promotion Price Now!