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Best Squash Rackets in 2024

Despite the fact that squash will be included in 2028 LA Olympics, it has not been an exciting year for squash dealers nor consumers. Racket prices are increasing steadily and not showing any sign of slowing down. Not only that, but there do not seem to be many new product launches. And, stocks of existing models are also scarce in supply. So, what is going?

Well, one possibility is that manufacturers of rackets have used the limited supply of raw materials (mostly graphite) to produce other rackets that have greater demands: namely badminton, tennis, padel and now pickleballs. The former two have been overshadowing squash for decades but in recent years, even the later two sports have also surpassed squash in terms of popularity. Padel is extremely popular in Europe while pickleball is also gaining traction in Europe and USA. So, where does that leave squash? At the bottom, obviously. And, consumers can see that in their markets as well: supply of squash rackets have been disruptive and not many new models are available.

Despite all these, there are a few new launches from renowned brands in recent months, especially from Harrow, Head and Tecnifibre. So, here, we take a look at some of the most popular and top squash rackets available for purchase in 2024, both new and continuing models. They are not in order of popularity nor product performance.


1) Harrow Vapor 110
Harrow took the best-selling Vapor Ultralite and improved it by making it even lighter, but with the same unparalleled Vapor Ultralite performance and playability. The Harrow Vapor 110 is the lightest version in Harrow's popular range of Vapor rackets. The Vapor’s ultimate blend of power and control makes it the obvious choice for top PSA pros and club players of all levels.

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2) Harrow Spark 115
The Harrow Spark 115 is the latest version of the famed Harrow Spark series. In view of the current trend in favoring lighter rackets, Harrow have put a spin on their Spark racket to make it lighter and yet still perform similarly in many ways. 

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3) Harrow Reflex 120
- Harrow Reflex 120 is a lighter version of the Reflex 125 that was designed, playtested, and perfected by serial PSA World Top 10 player Tarek Momen. The lighter weight and teardrop design offer an excellent balance between power and ball control. In addition, it provides you more swing speed through the hitting zone. 

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4) Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Top
- This is the top name in Tecnifibre's array of squash racket. It is the ultimate "weapon" for the best combination of power and control. Even though some players do not find it having as much feel nor power as the old Carboflex Heritage, it still remains as Tecnifibre's trademark racket. 

5) Tecnifibre Carboflex NS 125 X-Top
- It seems that many people in Asia (men included) tend to prefer this racket to its other counterpart; probably because it has a smaller grip size and thus, feel more comfortable to hold. In addition, its slightly heavier head than the X-Top helps it generate greater momentum.

6) Tecnifibre Carboflex Airshaft 125
- Though this is an old model, it is still highly desirable by those who have used it before. Many Tecnifibre fans claim that it has more power than other newer models. This racket has the conventional design with bumper, unlike newer models with X-Top technology which are "bumperless". The Airshaft also has a significantly larger head than the X-Top, making it easier to hit your shots. 

Therefore, for those intermediate players or advanced players who want more power, they would probably opt for the Airshaft. Hence, Tecnifibre are still making this model available in certain markets, especially in Asia. Moreover, with its much lower price, the Airshaft has become significantly more attractive to price-conscious consumers.

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7) Head Speed 120 Slimbody
- This embodies the perfect combination of Power, Speed and Maneuverability. The new Auxetic construction offers sensational feel, while see-through carbon in the shaft adds to the racquet’s modern appeal.

Endorsed by Paul Coll, this racket has a slimbody shape that makes it exceptionally aerodynamic and maneuverable, giving you optimal control when retrieving balls that are close to the wall. Among the other technologies is HEAD's Adaptive Fan Pattern, which allows you to choose between a straight string pattern for more power or a special fan-shaped pattern for additional control.

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8) Head Speed 120
Made for the attacking, front-court players who are seeking more touch, the Head Speed 120 has been upgraded with Auxetic construction for sensational feel. Along with the Octagonal Power Technology in the shaft that improves playability, this sophisticated 120g frame comes with Stringbed X-Tension Technology which increases rebound for additional power. Finally, it also includes HEAD's Adaptive Fan Pattern, which i have described earlier.

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9) Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Pro Limited
- This model was launched late last year and has been continued into 2024. It is endorsed by Ali Faraq. The racket delivers extra precision and control at a light weight of 128g and a head size of 490sq cm. Unlike the other Dunlop light rackets, this one has a head heavy balance. Hence, despite its light weight, it still produces adequate power

10) Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Pro Lite Limited
-As the name suggests, this is the lighter version of the Revelation Pro racket; lighter by 3g. In terms of speed, this racket performs better than the Pro Limited, mainly because it is lighter and also it has a head light balance.