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Yonex Badminton Racket Technology

When we talk about badminton technology, no brand has more bragging rights than Yonex. As the global market leader in badminton, Yonex have invested tons of money every year to ensure they stay on top of the game. They are usually the first to introduce new technology and terminologies in badminton. Terms like Pocketing Booster, Ultra PEF and 2G-Nanomesh NEO are only heard of in Yonex badminton rackets. They are arguably the world's leader in badminton technology. The number of technological terms in Yonex badminton rackets can be overwhelming to the normal consumers. Therefore, we have compiled a list of most of the technology and terms associated with Yonex badminton rackets here.



Black Micro Core
A stiff, high-density vibration-dampening material featured in the upper half of the frame, allowing players to hit with solid feel and power.

Flex Fuse
The shock-absorbing resin used in the joint to create a comfortable hitting feel. 

Hyper-MG/Ex-HMG/ Super HMG
The ultra elastic materials that produce sharper power in all shots.

Light Feel Carbon NEO
The additional rubber that creates a lighter feel and increased flex for greater head speed.

Pocketing Booster
A proprietary rubber-like material enhancing elasticity in the frame's flex.

Rexil Fiber
Increases repulsion power on the shuttlecock while minimizing shock upon impact.

Increases stiffness for faster racket recovery on the next shot.

A metal with a high tensile strength.

Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM)
A stretchy mesh rolled with the graphite to greatly reduce unwanted vibration.  


Aero Frame
Reduces air resistance for faster swing speed and increased maneuverability.

Aero-Box Frame
A combination of faster swing speed and solid feel

Box Frame
The extra stiff profile generates a solid and stable feel upon impact

Compact Frame
Reduces air resistance and improve feel of the shuttlecock.

Control-Assist Bumper
Attached to the bottom of the frame, Control-Assist Bumper contains T-Anchor, micro-sized tetrapods that help to lock in vertical strings for improved accuracy.

Dual Optimum System
Two contrasting racket profiles in one unique Dul-Dynamic Design allows players to enhance both their forehand and backhand.

Duora Grommet System
8 linked grommets made with different thickness on either side of the frame. The stiffer AERO side grommets pull the string harder for increased power. 

Dura Frame
Provides aluminium frames with greater strength and more solid feel.

Enhanced Arcsaber Frame
Control with confidence through this unique frame structure with varying levels of flex from top, sides to bottom; built to increase shuttlecock hold while reducing instability and twisting upon impact.

Horizontal A-Concept
Larger sweet spot at the top of the frame in a compact head design.

Muscle Power Frame
Smoother grommets reduce string stress for greater durability

Power-Assist Bumper
Boost power with a tungsten-infused weighted bumper, adding 55% more weight than conventional grommets. It enhances the Rotational Generator System to quickly transfer more weight to the shuttlecock.

Rotational Generator System
By applying the counterbalance theory, weight is distributed throughout the grip end, frame top and the joint for maximum control. The transition to the next shot can be performed smoothly in rapid succession. 

Solid Feel Core
Reduces vibration travelling down the shaft for improved comfort.

Sonic Flare System
Carefully-selected High-Modulus graphite is strategically placed across the bottom of the frame to provide unrivalled power and stability for maximum shuttlecock acceleration

Speed-Assist Bumper
The grommet connected at the bottom of the frame to amplify shuttlecock repulsion. The high-strength titanate material applied into the bumper reinforces the frame to limit deformation, generating a higher initial-launch speed.

Vertical-A Concept
Vertical grommets provide greater flex in the string bed and a wider sweet spot.

Wide-Diameter Grommets
Control the shuttlecock-release timing with these larger grommets designed for more string movement, extending the shuttlecock contact time. 



Built-In T-Joint
Increases the strength of the area between the frame and the shaft to eliminate head twist for better control

New Built-In T-Joint
This lightweight T-Joint increases stability of the shuttlecock on the strings, maximizing power and control.



Rexis Shaft
A high-performance shaft precisely designed with an original Yonex molding technique. Improves shot performance and help players dominate their games

Hyper/Extra/Ultra/Super Slim Shaft
Designed to slice through the air, generating speedy power



Control Support Cap
Wider and flatter surface improves grip for increased racket control

Energy Boost Cap/Plus
Uniquely-shaped cap that maximizes shaft performance. The front allows the shaft to flex, while the sides arch-shaped curve stabilizes racket face by preventing the shaft from twisting. 



A next-generation highly strong, yet elastic carbon fiber developed by Toray Industries, Inc. 

A world-first, new dimension graphite material, NAMD produces more flex with a faster snapback, unleashing dramatic power.

2G-NAMD Flex Force
This is a new graphite characterized by its quick flex and snapback. Carbon Nanotube binds the graphite together to reduce energy loss and enhances its resilience.

Nanocell NEO
A resilient, yet surprisingly flexible graphite material that generates increased power.

Nanomesh NEO
Ensures a stronger and more flexible frame while increasing shaft flex for maximum power.

2G-Nanomesh NEO
Characterized by its quick flex and snapback, maximizing shot power

Tightly-bonded fiber enhances the racket's strength and minimizes twisting upon impact. 

Nanometric Dr
An enhanced graphite that allows a firm shuttlecock hold to create maximum repulsion

Used in the resin that bonds carbon fiber, resulting in a ten-fold increase in binding force, making it possible to generate 5% higher repulsion power and 15% greater stability than conventional graphite.