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Best Apacs Badminton Rackets - Top Ten Chart

Over the past 10 years or so, Apacs have steadily built their brand from a well-known local brand to an internationally recognized badminton name. From sponsoring Malaysian players, they have attracted renowned world players. Not only are their products well sought after in Malaysia and Asia, but also in other parts of the world. They have grown in leaps and bounds. From getting OEM factories in China to  produce rackets for them, Apacs now operate their own factory in Vietnam. This helps them to gain better control over their supply and also consistency in product quality.

One thing that sets Apacs apart from many other brands in the market is their decision to continue producing their best-selling rackets for as long as customers still demand them. Therefore, it is not rare to see some of Apacs rackets in the market for more than 10 years. No, these are not old stocks. Apacs keep producing new stocks of the same old models. Some customers like to have the same model of Apacs rackets for ages, especially customers in overseas markets. However, Apacs rejuvenate these older models up by adding new colors to them every now and then.

With more than 20 years of history in producing badminton rackets, Apacs have surely launched many different varieties of rackets over the years. Here, we try our best to list out 10 of the best all-time Apacs badminton rackets. In coming out with this list, we consider factors such as popularity, quality and affordability


Apacs Lethal 10

Apacs Lethal 10 is a good example of an old model that has been continued for more than 10 years. This is a suitable racket for beginners and intermediate players. It weighs around 85g, has a medium flex and an even balance; all the characteristics that suit players who are learning the sports. One difference between the version now and the first one, is that the latest version can withstand a tension of 38lbs in lab testing. Badminton materials have evolved over the years that enable them to withstand higher tension.

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 Apacs Nano 900 Power

Apacs Nano 900 Power is modelled after Yonex Armotec 900 Power, a racket previously used by Lee Chong Wei. Hence, you can imagine how old this model is. Even though the cosmetic resembles that of Yonex Armotec 900 Power, the specs are not the same. This Apacs model is made for social players. Its weight of 84g and Even Balance are features that you usually associate with social players. However, its slightly stiffer shaft is a feature you usually find in a competition racket.


Apacs Z Ziggler or Ziggler Fusion

Apacs Z Fusion, or formerly known as Z Ziggler is modelled after Yonex Voltric Z Force II. As with other Apacs rackets which are modelled after Yonex rackets, this racket has different specs from its Yonex counterpart. The Z Fusion has a light weight of 5U, a slightly heavy head and a slightly stiff shaft. One of the unique features of this racket is its strip eyelet grommet patterns, which are different from normal rackets. Another one is its 6.4mm shaft diameter, which was the thinnest at the time it was first launched. Of course, now we have even slimmer shafts at 6.0mm.



Apacs Ziggler LHI Pro

This is the only professional racket that makes it to our list. Other high-end series are not as popular as this, partly because this was endorsed by former world number one, Lee Hyun Il. The racket weighs 85g and has a 8.0 shaft stiffness, which leans more towards being stiff. As for racket head balancing, Apacs have offered 3 different variations for their customers to choose from: Even Balance, Slightly Head Heavy, and Even More Head Heavy. As of now, Apacs have launched 3 different versions of this model; namely I, II and III. Generally, the rackets are basically the same, except for a few minor changes in terms of materials used and its balancing.

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Apacs Tantrum 200

Apacs Tantrum 200 is considered a racket for advance players; not professionals but those who play local competitions or social players who have been playing for many years. It is also a very popular racket for singles players due to its even balance. It has one of the stiffest shaft among Apacs rackets, measuring between 7.5 to 8.0 on the stiffness scale. One thing that has been changed over the years is its weight. It started out as a 3U racket, weighing about 88g. Now, it weighs 86g at 4U.  Most other specs basically remain the same. 

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Apacs Egdesaber 10 or Edge S10

Making it to fifth on our list is another racket modelled after Yonex professional racket. The Edgesaber 10 or now known as Edge S10, has a cosmetic that is similar to Yonex Arcsaber 10. It is very popular among social players, as it is easy to play with and has a well-known cosmetic. Everyone likes to show off his or her racket without creating a hole in the pocket. So, this is a good choice for showing off. It weighs 95g, has a medium shaft stiffness and is even balanced. Even though it is an entry-level racket, it has a durable frame that can withstand tension up to 38lbs in lab testing. Finally, it has a 7.0mm slim shaft.

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Apacs Commander Series

The reason why Apacs Commander Series rank so highly in our list is largely due to the wide varieties of models under this series. We group them together as one because most of their specs are similar, except for slight differences in balancing and frame types. Among all the rackets that make it to our list, this is considered the newest model. It is very popular due to its high affordability and ease of usage. All of them weigh about 82g and have medium-flex shafts. However, some of them have an even balance while others have a heavy head. Its shaft diameter ranges from 7.0mm to 7.5mm. So, it is not a very fast racket, but is suitable for beginners.

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Apacs Virtuoso Performance

We have finally reached the top 3 best Apacs badminton rackets in our list. Coming in at number 3 is a racket that has captivated the hearts of advanced social players for several years. Compared to many other models in this list, it is relatively newer but has gained a very huge following. It is well-known to players who are aggressive, offensive and love powerful smashes. The racket weighs about 87g, so is definitely not for beginners. It has a head-heavy balance but also a medium flex, so is not for professionals either. But, for advanced social players, it is just perfect.



Apacs Nano Fusion Speed 722

Ranking at number two is the ever-green Apacs Nano Fusion Speed 722. This model was launched more than 15 years ago, so it has been stuck in the minds of Apacs fans forever. Due to its extreme popularity, Apacs have launched many different colours of this racket; more than 15 to be exact. Let's look at the racket itself. It weighs about 77g, has a somewhat even balance and its shaft is medium flex. The frame of the NFS722 is known as Slim Box. It has less air resistance and the box shape adds stability and power to the racket. Therefore, it has both power and speed. As for the shaft itself, it is thick. This means it has stable handling.

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Apacs Feather Weight 55

This is arguably the most famous Apacs racket ever. After all, it has entered the Book of Records as the world's lightest racket. For many years, it remained as the only racket at 58g, until other brands launched their own rackets at this weight in recent years. However, none of them can beat the popularity of this model as it is the first one at this weight after all. Both male and female players craze for this model. It is meant mostly for beginners and intermediate players. However, this does not prevent some curious advanced players from trying it out, although the results might not be to their benefits. Due to its extremely light weight, the racket has a very high head-heavy balance at 335mm, in addition to a very high flex. The racket is superbly fast, but without much power. For beginners, it feels so easy to handle and play with. However, as their skills level up. they will realize that this model is not powerful enough for them.  Nevertheless, some of them still keep this model for doubles games which require speed and agility. This is also the reason why some advanced social players also have this model in their bags. 

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