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Nano Japan Deer Placenta (Nourish Inner Organs) 18 Capsules

Nano Japan Deer Placenta (Nourish Inner Organs) 18 Capsules

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Placenta has long been regarded as the gold standard of anti-aging supplements. While it contains many naturally-occurring functioning hormones, it also has miraculous enzymes that are important to catalyze youthful metabolism. Nano Deer Placenta is 100% natural and contains a 20-times concentration to achieve 8,000mg per capsule potency dosage. Origin: New Zealand



- Nourish inner organs
- Fights exhaustion/ fatigue
- B
oosts QI energy flow
- R
eplenishes uniquely-feminine insufficiencies

- Recover health inadequacies due to aging, early-stage of dysfunction and unknown ailments.
- D
eliver remarkable beauty improvements. 

Main Ingredient:

Nano Deer Placenta is naturally derived from red deer (Cervus dama dama) found in the wild forests of Australia and New Zealand. It is dehydrated 98%. This product is guaranteed to not contain commercial growth hormones (e.g Progesterone, Testosterone, Ethinylestradiol), antibiotics, steroids (e.g Prednosolone, Hydrocortisone, Cortisone) and artificial additives.

Who Should Take It:
Generally adults age 30 and above are suitable.
- People who experience unexplained mood swings, heart-burn and weakness
- Individuals
 who desire to look youthful whilst enjoying a physically active lifestyle

Direction for Use:
Adults aged 30-45 are recommended to take 1-cap once every two days. Adults aged 46 and above are recommended to take 1-cap daily. Take after food, before bed time, with lukewarm water. Do take more than 3-caps per 24 hours.