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Maxbolt Spade 6
Maxbolt Spade 6
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- The Spade 6 has a similar product design concept as the Yonex Duora 10 frame. It is a dual-frame racket; one side with box frame design while the other side with aerodynamic frame design. This makes the racket stable, powerful and fast at the same time. In other words, one side is suitable for defence while the other for attack.

Weight: 83+/-2g 
Flex: Medium Stiff
Balance Point: 295 +/-3 mm
MaxTension: 30lbs
Material: Carbon Fibre Composite
Grommet System: 76 Holes
Playing Style: Attack 
Designed and Engineered in South Korea


 Benefits of the Racket:

Carbon Fibre Composite

This material produces a light-weight and durable racket, enabling it to stand a maximum tension of 30lbs and enhancing ease of handling at the same time.

Aerodynamic Frame

Offers less air resistance. Therefore, it helps you make speedy shots and provides extra attacking options. 

Box Frame Produces a stable handling as well as powerful shots. A racket with box frame generates less vibration and add strengths to your shots


-Maxbolt String 
(We will string it at 24lbs. If you prefer a different tension, please email us)

-Maxbolt Overgrip 
(We will not wrap it, unless instructed otherwise)