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Kinohimitsu Stem Gold+ Skin Beauty 180g

Kinohimitsu Stem Gold+ Skin Beauty 180g

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Kinohimitsu Stem Gold+ is enriched with plant stem cells and marine collagen peptides for your ultimate skin pampering. It is suitable for people looking to minimize pore appearance, weak nails, dry hair, dull skin, and uneven skin tone. In addition, it helps to lift your bust,, buttocks and thigh, as well as promotes bones, muscles and ligament health. In short, you will have Beauty + Health

Main Benefits:

1) Promote
- Support bones, muscles and ligaments health. Reinforces hair and nails

2) Rebound
- Improves skin elasticity

3) Tighten
- Lifts bust, buttocks and thigh

4) Beautify
- Evens out skin tone and minimizes pores

Main Ingredients:

- Cell Young® Snow Lotus Stem Cell
- Cell Young® Orchid Stem Cell
- Marine Collagen Peptides
- AstaREAL® Astaxanthin
- Rose Crysta® Rose Extract
- Beetroot
- Pine Bark Extract
- Lycopene

Direction for Use:

Take 1 scoop a day for 6 days consecutively, preferably before
breakfast or bedtime.
For maintenance: 1 scoop every 2 days.
Mix with 180ml of water. Served with chilled water for delicious taste.