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Carlton Kinesis Ultra Lite

Carlton Kinesis Ultra Lite

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Weight: 78+/-1g (5U)
Flex: Medium
Balance Point: Head Heavy
Max Tension: 30lbs
Shaft Material: Japan H.M. Graphite
Frame Material:  Japan H.M. Graphite 
Shaft: Ultra-thin Tapered Shaft
Length: 675mm 
Benefits of the Racket:

Xtreme Tension Frame

The frame is made with high-quality graphite that improves the strength and durability of the racket, until it can withstand high tension. It also generates high repulsion power 

Vortex Geometry The unique vortex shedding frame geometry provides a twisted aerodynamic profile in the hoop, reflexively tracing the biomechanics of your stroke. This results in increased racket head speed and maneuverability

Tapered Shaft Generates greater flex on impact, minimizing shock to the wrist and has twice the force of restoration than the average shaft, resulting in superior resiliency, generating higher repulsion power and shuttlecock return speed.


-Apacs Lethal 66 String
(We will string it at 24lbs. If you prefer a different tension, please email us)

-Apacs Super PU Grip 
(We will not wrap it, unless instructed otherwise)