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Apacs Blend Pro II

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Weight: 86 +/-2g (3U)
Grip Size: G2 (G4)
Balance: 300 +/-3mm (Head Heavy)
Flex: 8.0 (Slightly Stiff)
MaxTension: 38lbs 
Shaft Material: Nano Sponge Carbon + 50T Japan High Modulus Graphite + T-Throat 
Frame Material:  Nano Sponge Carbon + 30T Japan High Modulus Graphite 
Frame Type: High Speed Slim Box
Grommet System:
 72 Holes
Shaft Diameter: 6.7mm
Length: 675mm

Highlights of the Rackets

Graphite T-Throat

Minimizes racket torsion while maximizing frame and shaft stability. All of these result in enhanced attacking power and increased shuttlecock velocity due a more efficient transfer of power from the player's arm all the way to the shuttlecock. In addition to an increase in strength, there is also an improvement in shot accuracy.
Ultra Slim Shaft Helps you make speedy shots and provides extra attacking options. Coupled with a heavy head, you can now execute fast and powerful shots that will blow your opponents away
50T Shaft
This racket uses a very durable graphite for its shaft, compared to the standard 24T or 30T used in most rackets. The benefits of using this material is the strength and durabliity it adds to the racket. This helps to support the high-tension and stiff-shaft requirement of advanced players.


-Apacs Highest Range String (made in Japan)
-Apacs PU Grip



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Apacs Blend Pro II